Pre-Sales Questions

Q. Will you place ads on my site?

A. VetHost will NOT place ads on your site.

Q. Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?

A. Upgrading is free and easy. Just use your username and password to access your own VetHost gateway.

Q. How long have you been in business? Please tell me about your company and network.

A. We have been hosting web sites for clients around the world since 1997. Today, we operate out of two NOCs (network operation centers) in Maryland and Texas. Our network uptime is the best in the industry with multiple, high quality, multi-homed network connections. We are very experienced in hosting web sites for others. The founder of VetHost spearheaded the development of a major government web site in 1996, and managed it for several years.

Q. Can we advertise on our web site?

A. Yes. You can do anything legal on your web site. If you want to add a "Powered by VetHost" logo, we'll be happy to provide one.

Q. How can I pay for your services?

A. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. We will accept checks, money orders and bank transfers with payments in advance for at least 3 months.

Q. Are your servers Unix or NT?

A. We run Linux Red Hat Enterprise Edition as we feel this is the most stable platform for hosting.

Q. Do I have to pay by the year? Or can I pay monthly?

A. Yes, you may pay month to month with no contracts.

Q. How long does it take to setup my account?

A. Your account will be setup almost immediately after ordering when paying with your credit card.

Q. Are there any hidden costs or setup fees? Do I have to pay for 12 months in advance to get these rates?

A. No, and all fees are clearly outlined when you order.

Q. Can I password protect directories?

A. Yes you can password protect directories within Cpanel. See all the Cpanel features here.


Q. How do I change my DNS?

A. Your new nameservers will be and If you register using our services, the nameservers will be changed for you. Otherwise, please visit your domain registrar to change the nameserver or DNS assignments to ours.

Q. Can I view my site even though my domain's name servers haven't propagated yet?

A. Yes  http://ipaddress/~yourusername/ or click on the link you'll find in your Welcome Letter.

Q. How long does it take to get my domain working?

A. It usually takes 24-48 hours for a domain to fully propagate throughout the world's root servers.

Domain Registration

Q. Do you offer domain registration services too?

A. Yes we do. We will register .com, .net and .org names as well as dozens of other extensions, including major international ones. See if the domain name you want is available by going to our Domain Registration Tool.


Q. Do you have a manual for our control panel?

A. You'll find the Cpanel Manual here.

Q. Do you offer telnet or shell access?

A. Many tasks that formerly required use of telnet or SSH can now be performed using your VetHost Control Panel (see our Cpanel Flash with audio tutorials) and Fantastico, which we include free on most of our plans. We do not offer telnet or shell access.

FTP & Uploading Your Site

Q. To what directory do I upload files?

A. You'll want to upload all your files to the correct web directory, which is the public_html folder.

Q. Where can I download a free FTP program?

A. You may download WS FTP Light from here

Q. Why doesn't my FTP password change when I change my Cpanel password?

A. Please allow 24 hours for your FTP password to sync with your Cpanel password.

Q. Can I use the Control Panel to upload files?

Yes. The File Manager inside Cpanel is a good replacement for FTP especially if you have just a few files to upload. You may also edit a file easily using File Manager's edit function.


Q. What is the path to my users files?

A. The path is /home/username/public_html

Q. What is the local path to perl?

A. The path to perl is /usr/bin/perl

Q. What is the path to sendmail?

A. The path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail


Q. How do I create email accounts?

A. To create an email account login to your control panel and click add/remove email accounts.

Q. Why won't my email address work?

A. Your email address will not work if your domain registration has expired or if the DNS has not been changed to ours. Note that it generally takes 24 to 48 hours for the domain name to resolve.

Q. What do I put for both incoming and outgoing mail server?

A. For both incoming and outgoing mail server put Of course, you can use your Internet access provider account to send mail as well.

Q. Can I check my emails using my browser?

A. Yes. Go to

Q. Can I setup webmail to go directly to horde, neomail or squirrel mail if I like one better?

A. Yes you may. First, login to the one you prefer and then copy the entire URL from your browser's address bar. Next, login to your Cpanel and create a subdomain to go to the address you just copied.


Q. What do I do to make my cgi script work?

A. First, make sure their permissions are correctly set. All files that end either in .cgi or ,pl must be CHMOD 755. Note that all pre-installed cgi scripts at VetHost are already configured for you.

Q. How do I create databases and manage them?

A. Login to your Cpanel and click MySQL Databases. After your database is created you can manage it from phpmyadmin. This can be found at the very bottom of the MySQL page. Take a look at our Flash Tutorial on MySQL.

Q. What version of Cpanel, php, MySQL and perl are you using?

A. We always use the latest stable versions after they are released by the developers.


Q. How can I update my billing info?

A. If you paid using a credit card you can update your details securely inside the VetHost gateway. If you used Paypal, login at and click "profile" to make your changes.

Q. How do I get my payment invoices?

A. Login to your gateway and print them.

Q. How do I upgrade my account to a better plan?

A. Login to your account at VetHost and request the change.

Q. How do I make a payment?

A. All online payments are recurring. Your payment will automatically be deducted.

Q. How do I stop billing?

A. Contact us at and let us know.


Q. What is a subdomain and can I have one?

A. A subdomain is anything that replaces the www in For example, would be a Subdomain of You may create your own subdomain(s) through Cpanel. Just create a unique name for the subdomain, and do not name it after an existing directory because it will not work. To learn how to set up a subdomain, watch this movie.

Addon Domains

Q. What is an Addon Domain?

A. An Addon Domain lives in a separate directory (folder) within your main web account, and is also accessible through your main site's FTP. Note, however, you cannot create an addon domain if your DNS hasn't propagated yet. So the first step is to change the addon domain's DNS at the registrar. Once the DNS is live (within 24-48 hours after you changed the nameservers) you will be able to successfully create your Addon Domain. When doing this in Cpanel, do NOT put the www before your domain name, and ensure that it has its own directory. This will be the folder Cpanel creates in your main account's FTP.

Q. How do I create an addon domain?

A. Please select "Addon Domain" from our extensive list of Flash tutorials with voice to learn about creating an addon domain.

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